As a little extra for my animation brief.. And, well.. because i feel like it, im making some of a castle-vania like game..

If i can make .mov files of it in action it’ll be a huuuge asset if i wanna get into game industry stuff. Maybe.

Here is a person:

She took over a day to get right!! but im pretty happy with how it ended up. 😀 I 3d rendered human animation as a base, then drew the stuff on top.. 30 frames.. had to draw the clothes again and again, and how things swoosh and drape was pretty much guesswork. 🙂 (no damn onionskinning, wah) I kinda hate doing spriting but love it too..its probably the most suitable computer/creative thing for my work style, because you have to be really anal and fiddly about it.. and when you are the difference is immediately obvious.. unlike webdsign where you can carry on tweaking things forever because they could look like aaaanything and still look right, or ok.. well.. maybe that’s just me..

Unfortunatly i dont think spriting jobs are very common, lol.. working on GBA games would be the best thing ever though. 🙂