The only spam i ever get these days is REALLLY boring and completely uninteresting.
It’s all weight loss and half price viagra. The daily numbers are definitly down about 30-50 a day so that’s a good thing, but it could at least be funny spam. BAH.

WOW.. << Now that's weird.. Sega Gamegear games.. But for PalmOS! err. yeah. Crap compared to the GBA anyway *shrugs* shining force 2.. that's nifty at least. - WoO, Palm done something very right there! Built in wifi! built in keyboard! One day im gonna get myself something like that - our whole house is gonna be 802.11b compatible in theory, so with something like that, and with kat's ibook having an airport card.. internet anywhere in the house without wires. @_@. Things are getting pretty sci-fi-like. Crohns, stupid thing, is being very annoying.. hmm, in fact i think i'll write another entry about that. hmms. not feeling great today at all. >.<