Hmmmm. 🙂

Report for Date Range: 4/1/2002 – 4/30/2003

  Total Visitors – 64,587  
  Total Pageviews – 349,812  
  Total Hits – 807,839  
  Total Bytes Transferred – 9.931GB  
  Average Visitors Per Day – 171  
  Average Pageviews Per Day – 930  
  Average Hits Per Day – 2,148  
  Average Bytes Transferred Per Day – 27.05MB  
  Average Pageviews Per Visitor – 5  
  Average Hits Per Visitor – 12  
  Average Bytes Per Visitor – 165,096  
  Average Length of Visit – 245sec


That’s not bad.. it’s not like.. super amazing, or great.. but its better than i’d expect given that i never update the thing. once ive got 100,000 visitors i’ll be happy..

the stats show a weird fluctuation.. less visitors are coming over time (compared to earlier in the year) but they cause a hell of a lot more traffic.

One answer for that one.. the oekaki.. certainly isnt the boards’ fault, heh.

~ babylon 5 series 2 arrives in a few days. ^_^ Another good distraction.

Soon mixelmagic (the whole damn thing) will be an RSS compatible blog – perfect way to attract a certain sort of traffic.

I’m so glad it’s back up. now i have a lot of things to delete to make space!