excuse mixelmagic over the next day or two, i’m deleting half of it to make it work better – it shouldnt actually appear that different to how it was before either, heh.

basically over time it’s bloated so its really full of crap that either does nothing or could be done better. Also I’ll explain how the RSS thing works soon too..

And this LJ will take 2nd fiddle to mm’s rss blog but i’ll still update occasionally (its not like i post in here all the time anyway)

on other stff.. havent been feeling great recently.. going to start boxing things up any day soon..

Oh, and could someone, anyone, draw something on the oekaki! it’s kind of important because it’s currently blank, i can’t post to it, and i need at least one pic in it so i can test a new feature of mixelmagic and gothicgeek. ^^