Much B5.. uuugh. πŸ™‚ NOW they need to send series 2!! Damnit!

Going to start tidying/packing tonight..

Went to see The Matrix Reloaded on monday.. And I liked it a lot.. really needs another viewing though, and ultimately needs Revolutions to come out so i know what the hells going on, heh.

Umm.. I had lots to say, and still do, but they’re not for now and stuff..

Again havent been feeling well recently – I’m bringing back the crohns journal soon as well because i dont want my main topic to be fluctuations in health – but online journals/etc are the only time i write (other than fantasy) – so it seems the only way, and this stuff does need documenting.

It would appear we’re moving on the 6th. i’ll try not to sleep though that. πŸ˜€ Nope, It’ll be great, am looking forward to it.

Got a lot to do in the meantime though, and REALLY need to get bloodtests out of the way. I’m half scared of them because i know as soon as ive got the test done I have to start on steroids.. I could probably start before then, but don’t want to affect the results.. (i was supposed to get the test done when i was last in hospital, but couldnt hack the huge wait – hospitals are not my favourite place, again) Anyway, by being asleep, and putting off the tests ive also been putting off taking steroids, because the first few weeks are the ones I go craziest in – and the timing isn’t ideal.. Saying that – having something big to concentrate on (moving) might be exactly what i need to be ok with it.

We’ll see.. Gonna try making it in tommorow morning. Without buying any games.. Really shouldnt buy games right now.. Any of them. Need to get a job. Hmm.. I think i need to get things all straightened out.. moving should help with all this stuff..

Only one and a half weeks left here though. THAT is weird.

Bought jan three fish. They’re pretty much identical and live in her large garden pond thing.. goldfish. they’re cute. She’s gonna buy a few more too.. I think she’s going more for a few big fish than millions of tiny fish though (they grow to a size relative to the amount of space they can swim freely in.. the more fish you get, the smaller they get.. Or something.. there are charts to calculate how big they’re going to get, or something.. Weird)

Mixelmagic is still in the middle of its shakeup.. i guess i should finish that before moving proper starts or it might get more difficult.

I think I’ll take some final photos of this place to remember what it was like before packing and leaving and stuff.

I grow increasingly envious of Kat’s ibook, and its ability to work anywhere (we got wifi networking setup, and its loovely) .. although i’d probably be using it out in the garden if i were her.. *shrugs* we only have this garden to use computers in for over a week, hehe.

And stuff