Feckity feck!!

Apart from the time ive spent either talking to the finantial advisor or being at Dave’s funeral (which was really nice) or the gathering after.. I’ve been working on gothicgeek.. and it was fine this morning, id worked out a way to do what i wante, but part of it wasnt working, so i spent a load of time trying to work out a better way, involving popups, javascript, and all sorts of stupid unnecessary crap, got it to work that way too.. then found out the reason it wasnt working was actually that /mixelmagic/ is down.. so the way i had it thismorning was actually better.. so im going to put it back, wah.

I should probably write about Dave’s funeral.. it was the nicest ive been to.. although ive only been to three.. there were so many people they didnt fit at all.. he had a lot of friends and knew a lot of good people, and they came back here afterward for cakes and drink and talking.. it was good. the whole thing was really personal and well done.. Was a humanist ceremony at Lawnswood crematorium, and.. I’m really happy i could go.

Note to any of my friends who virtually never read my journal – I’m talking about Dave Mooring, a family friend.. and NOT my brother, hehe.

back to fixing the broken thing again maybe.