Note to self: next time moving house wait until AFTER the house is sorted out before sorting out internet connection. Hmm.

Living room’s a bit of a bombsite again, comp room is getting toward some sort of order – largely because ive moved a lot of it up to the bedroom. The storage bit to one side of the bedroom’s great but a bit silly as the door’s too small to fit anything in, lol.

Jan fixed us curtains and they are nice and help a lot.. Very yellow. 🙂 I’m going to get myself new blinds for the compy room and try fitting the mysterious spare blind to the attic room velux.. what’s the point of a blind if it doesnt cut out at least 50% of the light? heh. And this house gets a LOT of light. which is good, but for the moment makes my eyes hurt. 🙂 also makes it v difficult not to wak up at 5:30 am, or take afternoon naps (you kind of get baked..)

Important thing now is getting the place absolutely right so we don’t start off with boxes or bags or lots of crap on the floor, because that’s not a good starting point, and stuff. This is priority before i can work on net stuff, or spend much time here. Turns out we got the tv stand slightly wrong, and now we fixed it it works much better. stupid sliding glasss door thing, works a treat now.. Soon as the place is approaching fixed I’ll post phooootos.

Anyway, up here i need to move a load of furniture and it’s too late for that really, so here i am. Need to be awake between 8:00-12:00 for deliveries of err..ummm.. I cant even remember.. Cooker? and they’re taking away the bed base, that was it, yeah..

byeoo spek in a bit.