How many spam emails dyou think i’d have got in that breif period i was offline due to moving?

1200+, my spam folder is now over 1700 strong and growing by at least 100 everyday.. There’s been a lot on /. and suchlike recently about email as over in the Us they’re trying to forge some antispam legislation.. Apparently over 50% of all email sent now is spam, and some predict (people with the stats to back it up) that the whole email system is going to become unusable, and in effect break. I have to agree. Why we’re all using Pop and IMAP now I dont know anyway.. there must be better, more secure alternatives. oh well. back to sifting through crap, i guess.

This has been a good week for apple users. oh yes indeedy.

New powermac G5 “world’s fastest personal computer” looks like a cheese grater..

New versions of iChat (av – doesnt support my webcam, bollocks) – or for people who want an IM program that’s not quite so minimalist.. Proteus ..

Also a new version of Fink (woo) and safari updates..

Kat’s come out in funny colours, the rats need a bath.. this room’s still a mess.. the basement needs painting.. kat’s interview went well, and i’m about to go into town and buy THE RIGHT scart lead for my gamecube and a dancemat. So I can rock the floor ’til the biscuits move. Wikiti.