That was weird.

I have a headache, it was really bad and i was lying down for a few hours, but couldn’t sleep.. then I went downstairs to lock up, and ended up being sick, which was very red, though i haven’t eaten anything red. I don’t think it was blood though.. My headache’s subdued a lot, so I’m eating a couple of cream crackers.

Not fun. >.< Kat's working a bit tommorow, so good luck to her doing that. I'm gonna go sleep now hopefully. thought i'd make a fun update first. 🙂 (not normal crohns stuff, so obviously exciting!!) in other news.. err, i got painter classic finally. 🙂 played with that a bi, but drawing on screen not helping headache. Nor is WarioWare, which is very cool but GBA games are the worst thing to do right now. Curses. boi.