like a mixel on a mission im still hunting down some way to get the best picture out of my gamecube..


I’m working on a commission. Ha. that doesnt happen very often. it’s not a very big one, but its funny all the same. You wil be punished to the full extent of the jam.

in the GG overhaul im going to seeerriously change it, ie, probably remove the blosxom from it, and set up blosxom on MM like Ive been SAYING i would for ages. (moving is time consuming!)

have begun work on my professional site too. hehe. also found out how to get employed at PC-world, dixons, currys, etc.. they only advertise in store and via their web-page, doh.. soo.. applying i will be if anything there goes. Pete’s got a job.. at dixons I think, now. That’s cool. respect to that. 🙂

On my quest for the scart cable i came across muc console modification stuff.. I’m planning oon making my old GBA (pink) halo-lit! then .. there’s no big reason for me to have bought the GBA-SP.. buut, I can give the pink one to kat probably and we can play linkup in the dark (oo-err)..

Really though, this thing is mad!! It’s $40ish ? to you US types, takes 3 minutes to install, gets good reviews, and gives you a front-lit display, like the SP. groovy.

I’m also thinking of making my PS2 play imports whilest making it transparent blue. or green. or black. can’t decide.

well that was interesting. byee!