– thanks for stef for pointing me to it, hehe.

plleease look at this guy’s website. it has to be the worst layout i’ve ever seen.

If you view it in IE it looks like it was done by a colour-blind monkey..

If you view it in netscape it ends up 1000 foot wide and long..

if you open it in safari (or KDE-webcore thing i guess), one of the paragraphs has letters that are all about a screen high. making the paragaph itself last about 40 screens length.

I thought it was a joke at first. I was going to email him, but i cant find the link and if i look at it much more i think i might lose the use of my eyes.

hmm, that wasnt very positive. 😀


ed: after bitching about this page so much i promptly did email him and commented.. He sent a nice friendly (albeit all caps) message asking for suggestions. So this guy seems nice, and ok and everything. I hope he doesnt mind though, and realises the comic potential of the page.. 🙂