Well actually its petty funny..

But if anyone’s been spammed by some anti-spam software I tried out.. don’t worry about it..

dont even reply to the thing it says you have to.. I’m NOT actually gonna be using that software anyway so it makes no difference. 😀

While I’m on the topic..

http://spamarrest.com/pressoffice/releases/20030630.jsp – Hormel Foods, who own SPAM, as in, the specially processed american meats.. Are suing just about any inet company with SPAM in their company/product names.. Hhehehe. I don’t see how there’s a conflict of interest there…

maybe its worth them trying as if they won (they wont) they’d be able to license the name, and make looootsa money on somewhat dubious grounds.. They’re doing an SCO vs IBM.. but funnier. 🙂 But they won’t win.. Sooo.. blah. Neither will SCO. 😀