Why is mixel awake at 5am?

NO IDEA!! Actually though, i am getting a lot done.

My internet empire has grown again with yet another stupid domain.. woo. I now have www.arcanelaw.com (one day will be updated!) mixelmagic.com (one day will be updated!!) and www.gothicgeek.org (will be updated today, actually..)

And my new URL, which i wont mention on here because i’d only get a load of idiots trying to visit the page before i’ve made it work at all.

decided against the RSSification of mixelmagic *for now* – i think i’ll wait until i have the time, inclination, and reason to use a real blog instead of LJ (ie, my paid account starts running out again.. eew.)

I finished that commission! Well, I think i did, and I’m proud with the result. 🙂 Zombies make any project just that little bit more interesting. I’d post it all, but you’ll see how that sort of thing figues on my new page.

Is it wise to be buying new webpages when I havent got an income and am in debt? (well obviously im in debt, we have a house, lol) Yes, in this case. Mixelmagic isnt a good professional home for me, if i make business cards with mixelmagic on, any potential client or employee also gets to look through loads of photos of me doing the whole girly routine or just generally being a cheesy metaller or a goth or something.. Also, mixelmagic is too personal stylistically for me to make it commercially attractive to the average person. IE i like it too much to make it airy and bland and ‘designy’

No, mixelmagic business cards are much better for impressing the laydees. 🙂

The sort of shirt i want/ed for the wedding is unbelievably difficult to find. I’ve found something very similar but not quite right, and something else cool, but again, not quite right. i need to order this or find something asap coz these things can take time.. ah well. 🙂 got 2 good possibilities. Stupid thing is, i know this would be an easy thing to find in Japan. Curse you and your funky clothes!!!

I have a kazaa client for the mac.. it works.. but downloads about the speed of a blind stoned snail swimming a sea of molasses. Can’t think why, maybe something’s set up wrong.

crazy adventures.