I not feeling too well, not sure whether it’s something i’ve eaten, or something i’ve not eaten (there are a lot of things i haven’t eaten, i don’t eat all that much) I had a CT scan a couple of days back. funny thing. they ask you to drink a jug of water/x-ray dye then inject more dye into you and run you through a strange spinny scanner thing a few times. Needless to say i won’t have any results for the test for months.

One day when i have a big good job and big good money, unless the local hospital scene has improved, im definitly going to go the private route. it’s not the quality of the care, it’s the fact it takes so long, and the fact that I have a chronic condition that has the potential to always be an issue – there ARE a few trial drugs doing the circuit at the moment – at one point my consultant was even planning to try one on me.. I see my consultant about once every 6 months max, usually i see his lackeys.. nobody other than the consultant really knows what’s going on with my condition, and by the time i see him or the team again its generally simplest for them to put me on steroids, and they aren’t my favourite drug. (bones slowly turning into mush) at the moment I’m actually going against their advice and trying to exercise and life-style myself into having a reasonable digestive process and less crohns rubbish, but at this rate i will be on steroids within a week or two. I should have started taking them a while back, but i havent. so, nerr. I don’t know whether the bone specialists i see would agree with it anyway. I don’t understand the complete seeming lack of communication between the departments. Each wants to do their job but they don’t seem to consult the others. My medical consultant was very surprised nobody had mentioned my case to him before the surgical team chopped out parts of my insides.. I guess young crohns subjects like myself arent /that/ common in the state i was in.. Mr Finan (surgeon) said after the op that he kept a photo of my removed bowel section on his desk – it was the “best example” of crohns inflammation he’d seen. Maybe the medical team would’ve liked to have a go at it too. *shrugs* I think they probably did the right thing anyway, that isnt the point.. Just, between that, Jo’s interesting LGI fiasco and to some lesser extent the treatment of Dave Mooring at the LGI, I don’t trust them. Big time. No single person’s fault, but my life is effecively in these people’s hands (not meaning to sound melodramatic) so I have to feel reasonably ok about it.

Sorry about the crohns blargh, its just with mini and medium flare-ups, weighing 94.8lbs/6.8st and not being in the best state of mind (moving house iiis pretty stressful) and various other things.. and getting a job, im in a bit of a tizzy about this stuff. What’s a tizzy anyway? I may well be temping to begin with too, get some work experience so that i feel more able to get jobs and hopefully places will see me as more employable. Not that i know i’m not already. kind of.

have a lot of web-crap to do too. namely finish those uber-belated updates to GG and mixelmagic so I can get to work on my professional site (my *what* now?) Yes, i do spend money on useful things occasionally.

mostly games though. 🙂

We now have 2 dance-mats that work, and no less than 4 DDR variants to play them on.. double mat single player DDR is briiiilliant. wooha.

I still have much of the computer room tidying to do.. the ground floor though is pretty immaculate-ish.

I’ve got a batch of wedding invitations to deliver tommorow. lucky for me so many of my old friends live in headingly. 🙂 sneaky.

And, apparently, if they arent lying through their teeth, WIFI MMCs for palm handhelds will be out within the month. whether it’s worth buying one is anyone’s guess, or would it be better spending much more money and getting a tungsten C.. *drools* you can never have too many gadgets. apart from, i do.

If anyone of olde, friends and suchlike from lawnswood, i dunno, ever read this, this place is officially open to the public now so if people wanna come visit at any point they’re welcome. I’m still sticking pretty quite because there’s still a lot to do.

And with that, I’m off. Again.