What.. the hell?

I had a dream where Kat vandalised, trashed and generally messed up Anthea Turner’s Yacht.. And blew up it’s toilet..

then she wrote about the acts in a hidden ‘another personality livejournal’.. it was for some rock and roll political reasons.. I had to shout at her to get her to reveal that she HAD infact done this after we recieved death threats from Anthea Turner’s ‘people’..

Indeed. don’t mess with Anthea Turner.. Shes eeevil..

We almost went and got a cat.. but the cat place was closed.. Doh. 🙂
We almost got vegan pizzas and stuff but the vegan pizza place was also closed. (we got cantonese instead)

It was Kat’s birthday too.. (30th) but it isn’t anymore. and stuff.. (ed: it was her birthday ON the 30th.. she’s actually 20-yo)

And I thought it was national orgasm day too, but apparently that’s today.. Well it is according to.. econdoms.co.uk … which i found with a google search by the way. Not a regular or anything. 😛

Anyway, on the 30th it was national *foreplay* day according to numerous sources.. So Graham Norton’s researchers got it wroong! So ha to them. 🙂

Err, i took a few days off doing portfolio because my mind wasn’t really up to it, to put it mildly.

Still downloading more excel saga in slow motion.