On 11th of the 8th 2001 I met kat.. πŸ™‚ That was a saturday, at the wendyhouse, a sorta alternative/goth/80s monthly club night. We talked the whole time, apart from while I was being scared by someone. that night ruled.

this entry is a bit soppy. You have BeEn WaRnEd! wikity.

We were, and both still are pretty wussy people. Neither of us said anything. I did give her a business card though.. I’d not given any of these business cards to anyone previously and haven’t since apart from putting a load in the college common room, and to a couple of friends who already knew my URL so were pointless. πŸ™‚

Business cards indeed.. Actually I HAD intended them to be a promotional tool for my webpage, but hadn’t factored in the fact that I was too shy to give them to anyone at all, lol. Oh well. lucky i had some anyway. Shortly afterward she commented on my guest-book.. Which gave me access to her email address.. To which i sent a pretty cautious but to the point email.. (well not TOO to the point, but as to the point as seemed appropriate at the time) Then we.. err,, went to another club on the saturday after (18th), .. She looked gorgeous and i decided to draw a piccy of her from memory on the 19th..

Came out like this: Ok it wasn’t perfect.. in fact it was a bit rubbish. She’s all squiggly and off balance. Considering i’d seen her a total of two times it could have been a lot worse. :p Then a couple of days later we went to see the planet of the apes. How smooth was that? MONKEYS!! a whole planet of them.

Actually, that film largely sucked. Oh well. Was fun anyway.

Blah blah. πŸ™‚ I dont know why Im going on about all this stuff.. anyway. today, this saturday is the nearest thing to a wendy-house anniversary as we’re going to get. So we’re going to go, and it’ll be fun.. Recently i haven’t been feeling like going out much.. by recently I mean, over the last few months.. have had a lot to do, a lot on mind, etc etc.. moving house things mostly, plus college abandonment guilt, laziness and general contempt for people in numbers.. Now it actually sounds like a not so bad idea. I might not be able to dance like a foo’ as much as i used to.. but I might.. who knows! I’ve managed to DDR it up pretty well on recent attempts.. double mat DDR is pretty exausting.

Anyway, happy pseudo-anniversary to Kat.. And however much I seem to take anything for granted, or however much I’m busy doing things, I still care just as much and am just as impressed as I was back then. And I might not spend as much time with you as i should, even though we’re technically in the same place, I do appreciate just the you being there part and would seriously miss you if your weren’t.

Getting married in less than a month.. Scary? Yes. πŸ™‚