A revision of a picture that’s a few months old..

(sorry! forgot the LJ cut, am adding it in now.. its big and might be messing up tables etc.. soo)

definitely an improvement.. added more lighting, gave her weird cobwebby outfit, changed her face.. added the moon (that was just a straight paint on job, came out better than i’d expected) and added a rock so her foot didnt look so out of place. Oh! And I gave her a skirt (or 2 dangly bits of fabric anyway). before she was kind of wearing a belt at most.. looked jolly uncomfortable sitting on the chair like that. 🙂 Oh yeah, i made her breasts more logical.. made her back straighter, and made her slightly less anorexic.

It’s weird that after working on a pic for a bit (hours, usually rather than days) I get a bit stuck on the technical side and lose sight of what would actually be a good picture..

I do this a lot, which is why I’m having to remix most of the art before i put it in the portfolio.. which is going well.. maybe im too much of a detail freak.. but some of this isn’t just details.. the pictures have been left completely unfinished.. although i thought them finished at the time and was probably proud of them..

If a picture can be a better picture.. not just technically but stand up better as a piece of art then I owe it to myself to make them good before i re-dsplay them. *shrugs*

We have lots of stuff for molly.. which she may remain called, because its quite a cute name. Who knows.. I hope she likes the things.. 🙂 some really cute stuff!

Im visiting the tailor tommorow before we go see the cat.. a busy day, I want to just ‘finish’ one more 4 year old picture before I go to bed, hehe. Boing!