This is turning into little more than a progress journal on my webstuff, sorry about that.. wont be like this for long though.. Wont be like anything..

I’ll be leaving livejournal as my main online journalling thing soon. No need for it. I love what they’re doing and appreciate their work and see the advantages.. but they’re slow as hell with important updates and you can’t integrate a LJ into your site v easily without it just looking wrong (say, if a user wants to comment, the whole LJ interface appears! UGH)

mixelmagic’s got a journal in it now, well it will on upload, which supports RSS.. So people can still keep track of me.. I’ll still occasionally update this.. (tis a paid account!)
but i’ll be split between 2 journals.


my estimates of being finished before this weekend were FAR off, but it is paying off because what is going to result is going to certainly be worth it. 🙂

In other news ive been feeling a bit dizzy-tired.. and we’ve been painting the basement lots still.