Having spent the last hour or two trying to make a picture upload I’ve been getting a little annoyed. 🙂 I finally worked out why it was kinda uploading.. then refusing to appear in browsers..

DPI.. odd. the pic was 300dpi.. and kept chopping in half on viewing.. WHY? I dont know. Nor do I understand how to reduce DPI in photoshop without fecking the picture.. (reduce DPI, and you make the pic tiny and low res..?)

If anyone knows how to get round this, I’d love to know.. In the end I used graphicconverter to do it.

this is all part of my online portfolio, which is still plodding along, yes indeedy. but is frstrating when it throws up something like that. hehe. Oh well I need to know this stuff.. (i did know you’re supposed to use 72dpi on web pages, but this wasnt made as web graphics originally)… Hang on!! i’ve just thought of a work-around that’d fix it.. DUH..

Getting a bit stressed because i have a million and one things to do.. many of them to do with wedding, and a number of them to do with getting job.. others to do with getting cat, and others to do with getting sleep.. and computers that I dont need nor can afford (i keep almost buying them! you wouldnt believe it!)