Although this pic’s probably outlived it’s interestingness..

click here to view – now with extra shipness, more watery water and depth effects.. as a PSD this is a 53mb picture at it’s full resolution..

Now I have something to put in an epilogue gallery. πŸ™‚ – I’m naff compared to most the artists there, but that’s not the point – I’d like to be able to get real crit rather than elfwood style ‘that’s great’ – although I do’t mind that sort, it’d be nice to have a mixture.

I used to find Elfwood a lot more inspiring than it is now.. now a lot of the time it makes me want to kick school-girls and their stupid furry art. I’ve never really liked anthro stuff, most of the time there’s no point. great way to spoil a perfectly good picture, unless of course, said artist is a) good at it, and b) has some good reason for drawing them.. like they were hit on the head and have descended into their own reality where all their friends are half-dog or have cat-ears..

Not only that, but as soon as elfwood hadd been slowed to a crawl by all the art (to a large degree bad manga and furry art) they then got bored of it and moved to DeviantArt..!!

Each to their own, etc..

Today.. (sat) we finish the basement once and for all, and I pick up my outfit from the tailor, which should be finished.. Wooha.

Mwahaha.. The cunning plans.