Opera is crap.. (the browser)

And here’s the proof.. run these tests: http://www.robinlionheart.com/stds/html4/ – Opera does worse than internet explorer.. 😀

If you want a good, fast, free alternate browser to IE – you should be using Safari (mac) or mozilla (mac and everything else) Mozilla poops all over internet explorer anyway, and has done for some time. The mozilla spin-offs are usually good too. Yus.

Builder type people are fixing the hole in the wall. It’s a bit breezy.. Trust them to pick the only day for weeks when it’s actually slightly cold. 🙂

What else.. oh yeah, I’m adding so much stuff to my portfolio recently.. tis coming along well. 🙂 Not sure what to do with all the pics that aren’t quite up to scratch but i want to include anyway.. I might make a huge collage.

Not interesting.