I got my suit, and very nice it is too.. Incredibly understated by my standards. 🙂

I got my shirt, and leaving it in its uber packaged state until i got to tailors, realised.. the shirt.. its..

THE WRONG SHIRT. So, That sucks, and I’ve sent them quite an annoyed email asking how likely it is they can fix this major mishap by the 5th.. they’d better be grovelly damnit. 😛 they got the cufflinks right though at least.

Molly’s the best cat ever, she’s settled in nicely.. she isn’t a lap cat but she’s very playful and has warmed to us quickly.. she chases random objects around and mews a lot.. And really seems to like people.. Shes a bit worried about anything moving or being too close to her, but she also likes being close to people, so she’s a confused cat..

On the first night she was stressed out and had a cystitis relapse, but she’s perked up now and we have a plug-in cat de-stresser (don’t ask me, magic thing.. seems to help anyway) and some homeopathic medicine.. I don’t trust homeopathic medicine really, but it’s better than antibiotics if it is just stress, and the same meds worked well on her at heer previous forster home..

She already seems like a member of the family, and we’ve had to make the futon/sofa thing into a bed in the living room so she doesn’t get so worried at night.. looks like this wont be a problem in a day or two, because tonight she started searching the house properly.. And eventually – found the rats.. Uhoh.

At first i thought she wanted to play with them.. I’m too used to Megdog and her confused reactions.. but to be honest.. Molly just wants to eat them. She sits there licking her lips and tries to sneak past. And fails. Then tries another method. And fails. and gets told off. The rats aren’t scared of her but she could scratch their noses if she got to them.. So it’s best to fend her off.. Those rats aren’t exactly killing machines so they’d probably have no inclination to fight back.. Saying that, as cages go, that’s ratty alcatraz. No way molly’s getting in, or they’re getting out, and she’s going to have to put on a lot of weight before she’d be able to topple it by climbing. I’m always in here too if the door’s open.. And she’d get a shouting at if she tried. 😛

Then she’d try again! Which is probably good.. She’s being all boisterous and kitten-like now, and popping up out of holes and getting into fights with tomato and olive bread. Wasn’t really expecting her to be so bouncy and happy and bonkers, so that rules. 🙂 though she can be VERY noisy.. In a cute way.

I’ll post an entry shortly with molly photos. And house photos! Added bonus of cat-proofing the house is now it’s in a state near tidy.. even the basement is ready for real work.. we might have the whole house in order ready for return from the big day.. Which will be nice. Very nice.

I’ve taken a couple of days off of my picture, but it’s coming along.. I was offered some good advice, and i only need dedicate it a few more hours before it’ll (probably) be accepted by epilogue.. Then onto the next piece.. 🙂