Some MORE things that annoy Mixel..

People who buy Jeeps, land-rovers, and ESPECIALLY SUVs with absolutely NO good reason for it. Its more of an issue here where people are using 4x4s as city cars..err.. WHY? stupid gas guzzling things were designed for off-road.. Grr.. SUVs aren’t so big over here but seem to be huge in the US.. again.. Unnecessary! Ugly! STUPID!

People who hate B5 without giving it a chance. I’m of the opinion it’s the best written, most intelligent and well paced series I’ve seen.. As a sci-fi series it whoops ass and makes star-trek look a bit silly. I love trek too, but in B5 the characters change over time and everything isnt just hunky-dory by the end of every episode.. people die.. and there’s a long term goal, complex characters, yadda yadda.. The Star-Trek series that came closest was DS9 – but DS9 ripped many of it’s good ideas straight from B5.. (don’t believe me? read this: )

Star Trek Voyager.. okie, it was okay but by far the biggest lamest star-trek series in my opinion, with it’s stupid headmistress-like captain and it’s annoying completely dumb chef character. Fortunately that had a long term plot of sorts, and it ended.. phew. 🙂 Lexx was much cooler. Hehe.

JarJar binks.. WTf? Don’t need to say much more than that.. but it isnt just him.. it’s Episode 1 in general, and the fact that Lucas uses the same template for 80% of his stuff.. underdog kid gets chosen to do big things.. yadda yadda.. ends up having to disable the stronghold with some stupid gimmick. Epsode 1 was worst for this with the droid ship.. Kid-darth vader blew up the droid ship (thus taking out the droids on the planet) BY mistake.. by *accidently* shooting the generators. THEN once grown up he didn’t think it wise to recommend “hey, you’d better not have any easily accessible parts rigged up to the reactor core!” no.. He oversaw the constuction of TWO deathstars which could basically be blown up in exactly the same way. Dumbass. Again, willow is effectively the same film.. but plus a few dwarfs and a baby. A picked on, farmer with no hope finds a calling to go do something bigger and fight the universal enemy.. Err.. Farmer? I’ve seen this before! It’d be just like if i slightly adapted my story to by sci-fi and added a couple of props to make it seem different. BAH. The dwarf even had to learn to use magic to succeed. The yoda equivalent was the stupid woman who spent most of the time being random animals.. and R2 and 3Po were replaced with the pocket-sized comedy cave-man-pixie things. (bad description) BUT EPISODE 2 ROCKED. Confusing. And Willow was a good film too, I thought anyway. .. AND how come ‘doesn’t recall’ owning, or even seeing R2 and 3PO in epidoe 4!! They’d better explain that in episode 3, damnit! 🙂

Gadgets cost far too much too..

Having o sleep. it’d be great if you got the benefits of sleep while awake, so I wouldnt always be asleep. Don’t get much done while i’m asleep. Grr.