Here’s a couple of old ‘paintings’ I’ve updated for my portfolio.. Some of you’ll recognise them.. See if you can tell the difference.. Why you’d the remember the originals I don’t know.. OK I’ll just tell you what i’ve fixed, heh..

WOW I forgot how good things sound through a decent pair of headphones.. @_@ I mean I love my speakers and everything, but I’m too scared to turn them up much, stupid back to back house.. Also it makes my desk shake.. πŸ™‚ NOT good.. Anyway.. Back to on topic..

A lot of my old pictures looked unfinished when I came back to them. Oh well.

New shading, reflection/shadows and more mist.. Hmm.. Still look like a bad goth band though. (maybe a good one.. Jakob can play the lute.. Err.. Maybe Ezmine can play something too)

New snow, new mist, new shading layers, changed her face-shape, made her more mutated while improving her anatomy. (weehoo) No hope for the composition, but it’s too late for that now, it’s years old, lol.. I think it looks cinematic/dramatic at least.. ^^

Bigger versions will be up when it’s all done.