Rejected.. Twice!

That pic was rejected.. First time it was rejected because the anatomy needed work – then it was rejected AGAIN because it isn’t epilogue quality..

Well It wasn’t. Not v often I get this bullish about something, but I’m in full blown stubborn mode now. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna do it.. RRr! I’ve taken some pro-plus now.. I’m going to make this pic good if it kills me.. Well, good enough to be let in.. Although there’s worse in there anyway.. Depends what mod you get on the day to some extent.

But, it’s good.. every time it gets rejected it’s kinda upsetting.. And at one point I saved over my working version (meaning I had to go back about an hour or two) with a web version (less than quarter of the resolution!) At which point I was almost crying, lol. I could submit another pic completely, an all new one, and was going to after the second rejection, but i went into the epilogue chat room and they really liked it, and the weird ship, and couldn’t figure out what it was that made it not high quality enough.. Which gives me more confidence..

Anyway, yeah.. Even if this thing doesn’t get in.. (it might take a couple more modified submissions) I’ll still have the best piece of fantasy art I’ve ever drawn, by far – whether they like it or not.. And it’s Epilogue that has made it that good, so I can’t complain.
Well… I can. πŸ™‚

Raarr.. And other assorted dinosaur noises. Wish me luck or something. (i must seem like an obsessive psycho.. Because I AM)