The steps up to the attic are a deathtrap… Wood painted with black satin/gloss/something paint.. uber slippy if you spend most of your indoors time wearing socks..

We’re getting Molly the cat on Monday now it seems, she’s getting spayed (or whatever it’s called) on thursday.. Apparently shes been getting really playful and we just saw her when she was both on heat and having cystitus plus other meds, so was ina mood.. fair enough.. She didn’t seem that bothered by us anyway.. I’ve seen much more anxious cats and hadn’t thought badly of them for it. πŸ™‚

I went to see the tailor guy and get a fitting.. check the arm lengths and stuff so he can sew it all together.. I’m picking it up this saturday.. My shoes fit fine after a little getting used to.. And the trousers fit perfectly.. like.. Really scarily well. When I have job money I might have to get all my trousers made to fit, for it is verry comfy and much cooler looking than usual. Err.. Shirt is arriving next week.. So everything other than the cravat is covered, and looks great. Well I think so. πŸ™‚ Kat liked it too, I took her along for a 2nd opinion.. I didn’t want anything really frilly and over the top, i didn’t want it to seem like dressing up clothes.. I wanted something that I like but is goood quality and fits right.. the tailor kept going on about how edwardian it all was and was impressed because I had edwardian style shoes too.. So Iii’m happy.

I’ve started a tooth whitening course.. I bought a little abrasive gadget and whitening stuff and it’s working already after 2 uses.. So I’ll have scary white teeth for the wedding. I haven’t had white teeth since.. hmm.. I don’t think i ever did. I doubt they’ll get completely white, my dentist said they’re just slightly coloured.. but they have been stained for ages so it had to be fixed!! We still haven’t got rings but will have them shortly so that’s no problem..

Also bought hair dye, which i’m going to use closer to the day..

Kat made me nice food.. omnyom.. Kat had a job interview which could’ve gone better, but from the sounds of things could have gone a lot worse too. Tommorow a guy’s coming to take away the junk in the garden and fix the hole in my wall!! (the wall of the computer/spare room)..

I fixed up some stuff on mixelmagic and added more to my portfolio (which will go live soonish probably) AND.. err, some other stuff.. I’m left wondering for my portfolio whether my store should just sell prints, or lunchboxes and mugs and clocks and mouse-mats and thongs.. Ok stupid question, πŸ™‚ thongs it is.. CafePress print BOOKS now too, which has biiig implications for me later, potentially.. maybe. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!

lol.. Good night. πŸ™‚