Today Owen was round for the day.. and I couldnt help falling asleep.. a lot.. Which is a bit bad of me, but i wasnt feeling very well.. Like, when you wake up and you feel like you sinuses are full of sand? and you feel like you have arthrisis, and that you’re a zombie.. Ok maybe it wasnt that bad.. but it sucked anyway..

Last night i had geek fun though! Picked up the remaining stuff of ours from Toms, which included mr craptastic PC (full of anime at least)..

Then I realised.. (doh) that I’m TOO used to having 2 monitors plugged into my mac.. the one thing X 10.2 doesnt do elegantly IMO is having lots of windows open (they’ve fixed it in the forthcoming version though) – so I’m completely dependent on my 2 times desktop space now.. i always have 2 screens filled.. And I was going to unplug one for the PC.. But was loathe to do so.. then I’d have 2 keyboards and 2 mice on my already cramped desk.. UGH!

SO.. I installed something i tried a while back.. Something that gives me faith in Microsoft’s mac division.. something that makes me happy indeed.. Something MS provide for FREE.. (WHAT?!)

MS Remote Desktop connect – HA.. brilliant.. now I can control my PC in a window at full speed, share the drives.. and use my mac KB and mouse to control it.. No need for a PC monitor at all.. 🙂
this might have a use for prof_landslide in his work environment actually.. You could use it to remotely control the PCs from the mac in realtime.. Maybe good for sys maintenance and file transfer.. They need to be runing NT4, XP or 2k though I think..

Anyway.. its fun. even media players work on the windows box, re-routing the sound through my mac.. somehow.. lol. 🙂

The wonders of modern technology.. !! I think kat and I are eventually going to get a massive HD, bung it in the PC and use it as a network file server for backups and stupid big file collections.. 🙂