subconscious pre-emptive illness detection!

spent much of today having nasty headache, and now have started throwing up. >.< it feels like i probably ate something wrong, but i dont know what.. multiple culprits.. ! I did eat some very past its prime monster munch.. not much of it.. and did have chinese takeaway last night.. with pork in it.. which i sometimes have issues with.. Not good. oh well. nothing else exciting to report other than i feel like my eyes may pop out at any minute. 😀 BROIING!! Kat's been to ripley to go through some stuff and on friday is going shopping in the whitby.. which i almost wanted to do too but now am v glad i didnt even really attempt to think about it. being sick at other people's houses is even less fun.. being sick in whitby.. I don't know what that's like.. although I do have vague memories of being really ill on one of our holidays there.. I think it was somewhere near whitby we went ond hired holiday caravans a couple of times.. Those ones that get blown off the cliffs sometimes causing chaos, death and destruction... I think i had a really good time.. but was probably 4 or something, so probably could've had a good time with some string and some blu-tack. I made egg-cups out of blu-tack a couple of days ago when i found out i dont have egg cups, and wanted soft boiled eggs.. good point.. I seriously undercooked those.. maybe i have salmanella poisoning. Probably not. ACK.. was just sick again. THIS SUCKS.