Molly has decided the bathroom is hers, and the new bathmat is acually her bed.

That, and the bathroom’s window blind is her favourite toy. It now has a big hole in it. We weren’t particularly attached to that blind fortunately.. Leaving anything dangly on a string lying around is a bad idea – especially bad if the draft from nearby window ensures that it will always be jiggling enough for her to want to kill it.

Cute really.. She tried attacking a butterfly on the other side of the window today too. Yay, crazy cat.. She seems to have a hyper hour (or two) at around midnight as well, just like the rats.. but much more bouncy and potentially destructive.

Aaaanyway.. Adrian will have his photos up soon i think. I haven’t added any more wedding photos today as none have emerged.. Instead I’ve tidied a bit (the basement is getting really usable!) and continued wiiiiith..

It’s not done yet, but.. It’s getting there!
I won’t list the things that have changed.. Most important is the new Jakob (minus hat!!)

Today kat and I scour the job paper looking for .. JOBS.. there’s often ‘mac operators’ advertised in there though.. I wonder what that actually means. 🙂 Anyway, learning photoshop skillz is doing me good..

On a less fun note, the crohns stuff is a bit bad today.. Blood, weirdness, owies.. a bit of a minor relapse I suppose, but not fun. Now I’m married there’s really no reason for me not to go on the dosage of steroids I’ve been perscibed (apart from it gives me crazy-depresso-mania and jellifies my bones) Bah. I think i go sleep again.