Going to do something about that last one soon, although i need to see my Dr 1st. I’m asleep about 80% of the time at the moment, which isn’t good. >.< Anyway.. What do you do when you have no income? Well, buy import Gamecube Soul Calibur 2.. OBVIOUSLY.. Ive read a lot of good about it.. The only bad thing I've read is 'too much like sol calibur - slightly dissapointing..' Well, as a Soul Blade nut I was slightly dissapointed with Soul Calibur when it came out already.. (no weapon master mode!!) So to have all the old features back, plus new ones.. Woo. Now all I have to do is wait a bit.. AEEGh. Waiting sucks. I've read some really dumb reviews that basically say X-box version is best because it has better progressive scan modes.. Who has TVs that support that anyway? And is slightly nicer.. but that the GC version has the best extra character (link) and that the PS2 version is still good in comparison because it has the best controller.. (but not as good gfx, slightly)? Ermm.. So, if I use my PS2 controller to control my GC version, and I dont have a ridiculously expensive TV.. Then it works out maybe best! Huzzah. Kat and I have been playing through FF7. About 1/4 through, probably slightly more.. I tried playing Soul Blade.. But it kind of looks a bit funny now.. Not really bad.. just odd. wait wait.. waity wait.. wait.