On thursday molly had her jabs.. she took that very well.. once we got to the vet she was fine.. she was very vocal in the basket on the way there and back, but that was more funny than anything else.. The vet was very foreign and nice and seemed to get on well with her even when he was sticking thermometer up her.. Poor molly. πŸ™‚ She can’t go outside for 21 days either..

Sorting out photo album now.. Quite a lot of confusion there.. About a million photos, some of them really good.. Well, too many of them really good to fit, probably.. not sure yet.. πŸ™‚

Rang previous owner of the house to tell them they have a stack of mail.. need to clean out the rats and tidy comp room.. On Sat I went to Sarah’s old house.. (what was Dave and Sarah’s old house) which is a pretty odd place to be.. She needed to dispose of a lot of stuff so we had pickings of the things left there.. She rang to thank me for taking it too. πŸ™‚ I suppose it is good these things are going to a good home.. Quite a lot of useful stuff..

Adds to the strangeness slightly as the house itself is largely payed for with dead-person money and now its got a load of other dead person’s things in it too.. Makes me wonder what I’m going to want to do with my stuff when I’m dead.. I wonder who gets to have the amiga? lol.

Kat has blue hair, it’s really nice. ^^ I’m going to go finally sort through the CD disposable type photo things now and upload those.. then tidy.. then rat.. then shopping.. tying up loose ends to be productive and so i can play more soullll calibur twooooo.. πŸ˜‰