Molly of destruction.. She just ate half of two pencils.. And was batting the makeup off the other desk.. It’ll be nice when we’ve put a cat-flap in, and hopefully she wont be so restless.

The Professional Photos – woo, a proper link, for anyone who didn’t already know.. All copyright 2003 Andrea Barrett Photography Blahdy blah. 😉 The online ones are proof quality, so if you were thinking of getting prints – they’ll all look good and not messed up colour balance-wise.. ^^

I didnt give up on Epilogue BTW.. I’ve been working on a load of stuff, some of which will definitly get in. Not saying any more than that though..

I have brilliant theatre bad-guy beard type thing at the moment.. Im generic stereotype british villain type person, fer me.. (Mwahahaha!) I kinda like it, but cant make my mind up.. Seems while I wasn’t watching I now have about 40 members in my Y! ‘posing aroung like an idiot’ group, which is mostly for androgenous stuff which doesnt work when you have beard. and I need more photos.. Hmm.. Maybe i can put something together from old ones. 🙂

What else.. Ooh the ball might have started rolling in a way that will bring the forums I host back to life..

One of these days I’ll do an entry talking about important stuff and how I’m feeling.. There’s a lot going on in some ways.. Anyway, yeah.. Tommorow I’m going to Sarah Mooring’s to look at her comp, hopefully make it work..

blah blah.