We got to see and start choosing wedding photos.. πŸ™‚ LOADS of them came out brilliantly.. So the album’s gonna be really great..

*start rant about copyright and stuff, which most of you will have probably heard better said by more eloquent writers* Got into weird discussion with people about copyright.. The photographer is putting their wedding photos up in a gallery so people can order prints.. Her gallery stamps COPYRIGHT over the previews in big writing, as a security mechanism.. :} (can understand that) Eventually I’m going to email her and ask if she minds if when I get the album, if i scan a couple of photos and embed a (very visible) copyright message stating her as the photographer and with the URL of her page, she’d mind me putting them online..

I hope that’d not be a problem anyway.. I wonder if anyone offers to buy non-exclusive copyright from her? (the sort im used to from Zazzle.com etc) – Seems a weird point.. It’d kind of be free advertising for her and couldn’t result in any loss.. Then again I can understand if she DOES mind stuff like that because if you bend the rules a little then things can get out of hand.. Interesting.. Technically with a disclaimer and message linking back i think it’s legal, but not as clear cut as just asking her, because she may not mind anyway. Hehe.

Kat & I need to get a super-nifty camera so we can do some nice photography we’ll actually own.. Then this sorta stuff wont be a worry.. But having some of the best photos of you ever taken (or likely to be taken) but not being able to show them off could be teh suxxors, to put it mildly.. I compare posting pics on *this* site to showing people the photos in real life.. this isn’t a print publication, it’s not even a commercial site.. It’s a blog..

But thinking about it, every time you link to an external pic.. every time you post song lyrics.. every time you quote a site without permission.. You’re breaking the law. lol. But then comes ‘fair use’ – Which basically says if you’re copying something for *educational* reasons and it’s not causing loss, it’s legal.. Quagmire! πŸ™‚ Every time you invite people round to play games or watch DVDs it’s potentially illegal.. Lending them dvds/games/videos is almost always illegal.. And those films they show in clubs.. (the wendy house in Leeds, shows transformers, 80s cartoons, and lots of films) all very illegal. Most of the software you own probably isn’t actually yours and it’s just licensed to you and still owned by the publisher. HMM.

I’ve always found copyright an interesting topic.. File sharing is the future- or v cheap music downloads.. the same will apply for film soon too.. It cannot be fought, the world is being changed by p2p and fast net connections.. File sharing itself has been judged legal.. And even if it wasn’t, there aren’t central servers etc.. So it really IS unstoppable unless they somehow turn off the net itself. πŸ˜‰ Too late to go back now.

I dont know whether this is all a good or bad thing.. it’s just a change though.. nothing scary.. I have probably one of the most copyright-legal pages ever.. I never post things other people did, really.. But what about fan-art sites? what about sites based on games/films? (usually with lots of ripped graphics from said games/films) they are technically copyright infringing, but to wipe out graphics on fan sites would be stupid.. Although Anne Mcaffrey’s people have tried.. (Pern art and fan-fic IS illegal, apparently) – does reasonable use just kick in again? – ‘fan sites are obviously just tribute, etc, so the originator of the graphics obviously isnt the site staff itself’.. IT’S STILL infringement though without permission.. I’m not even sure screenshots are 100% legal.. How stupid is that?!

Sorry, this kind of spiralled.. I’d hate if someone stole my work but I’d love for it to be spread around, relatively freely.. unless its a private commission in which case the client could do what they wanted with their copy, while I keep mine.. As long as I’m given full credit for what i’d done.. Strange.. Anywayeee… I’m posting that epilogue pic again to maybe get accepted.. we’ll see! *wish me luck again*