Written the day before wedding:


Ok, first of all, the correct shirt got lost in the ether.. doesn’t seem to exist anymore, despite being sent on signed delivery.. 2 attempted deliveries with no notes.. and no actually coming here (we’ve been in all week anyway)..

Fortunately Kat and mary were able to get a shirt from a place in town.. which is near perfect apart from in shoulder-width.. fortunately my mum stepped in and offered to do an quick adjustment.. ie.. chop a couple of inches off the shoulders.. Geez..

A few days ago my bank rung me and said ‘pay us! your credit card cheque has bounced!!’ oops.. ok, i should have paid them earlier.. Well.. I HAD.. using the internet banking thing.. it’d just got stuck in transit.. They then said I didnt have to cancel the cheque because it’d been bounced so was no useless.. And that I should write another..

So in case it got bounced again jan (my mother) wrote one for me.. I took that to the tailor on the 1st.. then.. today.. The original cheque MAGICALLY APPEARS in my online statement.. meaning this outfit currently seems to have cost us two times more than it should have, lol.

I’ve got a little tidying to do before tomorrow too.. Jessie says she’ll look after molly too.. ^^
NOW im getting tense.. Im wondering what else can go wrong today. πŸ™‚

Not everything has gone wrong, we got 90% of the wedding present list delivered..

which rules!! now we have.. well, lots of things.. mostly boring household things that possess no value until you live in your own house and you start thinking ‘I could really use a hand-held vacuum cleaner!’.. that’s how fun I am..

Oh and I finally got CT scan results.. Or did i get them the time before? I can’t remember.. anyway, New dr looked at them.. Told me why i might not be eligible for the wonder-cure thing.. (50-50 success rate… COSTS £1000 per shot!!) but they’ll still probably try it on me.. it’s times like this I’m glad we have an NHS. πŸ™‚ £1000 ($1500ish?) every 8 months to keep my condition in check would suck..

Oh, and I might need another operation.. (!?)

Later today Nick, Andy and Adrian are coming round for a stag party sort of..


Written after wedding.. Haha..

Well.. That worked well..

First, the ‘stag night’ was fun. πŸ™‚ Nick brought me a small bottle of Elk’s blood.. (tastes like brandy mixed with cranberry juice.. weird but nice!) which had a big silver plastic elk’s head as a lid.. Elk being a bit like a stag.. So that was nice.. We then sat about and talked a bit.. then decided to go play laserquest/quasar..

Soo.. We set off in Nick’s dad’s spy-car.. and tried to get it to take us to LA bowl with it’s GPS navigation thing.. Instead it took us to a dead end in really messed up part of leeds where a prostitute ran toward the car thinking we’d come to her sopping point.. So, we left.. lol.. then it took us to a blocked road and said ‘you have reached the requested target’.. After a bit of messing around he found it though..

i was wearing my massive boots, which was a bit of a silly idea.. Anyway.. LA bowl was open but they’d shut the quasar.. And werent going to let us in until nick persuaded them to saying we were on a stag night.. Feeling very sorry for us (lol) they let us in by ourselves.. 4 player laser shootiness.. I had a gun that told me to recharge.. a lot.. almost the whole time.. and people shot me to pieces..

I had -1400 points by the end (yes, minus) .. RETURN TO ENERGIZER said the gun, continually.. STUPID GUN.. lol oh well it was still fun and pretty funny to do so badly.

We went and got cantonese food got home, people drunk more.. Ate food.. Molly stole some of my sweet and sour chicken and went completely INSANE on the MSG and whatever other crap they put in that stuff.. she was scaring people for a bit with the leaping and scratching and craziness.. she calmed down quickly though..

Watched 28 days later.. Spent some of it talking about differences between digital video and film.. Well.. low quality digital video.. it looks like it was filmed on the worst quality DV they could get their hands on, very odd. But i liked it.. makes it a little closer to home in one sense.. looks like crap british tv, so its more normal seeing london like that, and more believable somehow.. apart from some of the pretty darn bad pasted together special effects (which admitttedly I only noticed second time round).. weiiird..

was all the while getting various things ready.. Then slept..

Wedding day

Woke up at twenty to 10 having a huge panic, got ready.. Janet and Jim (semi-grand-parents) came and visited, then we all went off to Ripley castle

Massive thanks to Mary and Martin.. πŸ™‚ But they know that.. And thanks to everyone else too for coming, and their presents! I’d completely forgotten what each of them had gotten us by the time it happened (was all a bit swooshy).. But we were planning on sending thankyou letters and gifts out anyway fortunately.. (tradition)

The whole thing went very smoothly.. the biggest mistake being by the registrar, who almost married me to someone called Lisa .. Hmm. πŸ™‚ The only other notable mistake being the reverse ushering, (bride and groom guests ended up on wrong sides) which was no problem and again I can’t stress about because it wasn’t anything to do with me.. (actually it was reassuring that people were making mistakes)

I got ready in Andy’s (best man) room.. then went to meet the registrar who said they hadnt had the book back with our choice of vows…. they havent whatty the what?! I don’t remember ever seeing said book so had to pick them at the last minute.. every passage i repeated after them I had to choose from 4 or 5 options each.. I picked the wordiest introduction, then opted for less wordy later parts because they all seemed to get wordy in creepy ways.. (huge emphasis on the ‘You’re mine now and i am keeping you now to the exclusion of all others for all eternity, MWaHhaahHAHA!!’.. Didn’t quite seem right. I wanted the nice ones that didnt imply it was some sort of forced thing, hehe.. And it worked..

Then martin brought her in, and I was basically too scared to turn and look back (large crowd = eek) so I turned my head back.. Im not even sure what I was supposed to be doing.. πŸ˜€ She looked amazing, obviously.. ^^ Came to the vows and I was probably a bit stuttery at first.. and probably too quiet, but.. It worked.. and everyone seemed to think it was a lovely ceremony, so.. phew..

Andy did the ring giving well.. the reception and photos went well and the meal went well.. I partly regret not making a speech but at the same time am very glad i didn’t have to make one, I was getting v stressed about that part in particular in the run up, and was feeling a bit off and ill/drunk during much of the meal.. And though the whole thing was a big happy bouncy mess, it might not’ve been had i been angsting myself out.

Martin’s speech was brilliant and his stand-in for me was better than i could’ve done it anyway.. I spoke to him beforehand and mentioned the two most important parts from my point of view, which he may not have included yet were thanking himself and Mary (hehe) and giving mention to all the people who couldnt be there.. That was important to me because of the amount of friends in other country (ie you guys, internet people!) and .. Well, both Daves.. My brother who couldn’t come because.. well, he just doesn’t do this sort of thing.. And Dave Mooring, who I was going to invite when it looked like he might be ok, but then died.. which was, and still is pretty upsetting.. I’m sure he would’ve loved it..

Andy’s speech was incredible, and I was worried about that before i heard it (i didnt have any idea what he was going to say.. I wanted it to be a surprise) – I’m not sure why.. just because it was a bit of an unknown factor really, but he did an exceptional job and got a lot of laughs.. πŸ™‚ Respect to Andy and his public speaking skills.

I thought my outfit was ok.. I was surrounded by people in suits though and felt underdressed (because in my minds eye i don’t see myself as wearing what i was) and I really don’t know quite what i looked like, but what the hell.. I think my cravat was going a bit mad at points too..!

The various live music was great, and the fireworks were very good and over the top and on a much bigger scale than I was expecting. πŸ™‚ hehe..

All in all everyone behaved.. even little (getting toward being 2yo) Ethan behaved.. They must get much more rowdy drunken people there.. I wouldn’t know though.. πŸ™‚ I wasn’t sure what all my friends would be like + unlimited alcohol surrounded by unknown relatives etc.. it could have gone much worse, hehe..

After fireworks went to the bar briefly then to our room, which was nice too.. πŸ™‚
Anyway I’ll leave it at that for now, blah blah.. thanks people..

There’ll be photos as soon as they’re developed.. The professional ones should be great.. they were getting us to do some crazy posing around.. all the running about was pretty tiring by the end.. eeep.. but.. Woo..