Hmm, still in half-wedding mindset.. rreee….
I should really do quite a lot of things tommorow though.. (today)

The whole wedding day passed in such a haze that it seemed more like hours (if that!) than an actual day.. Looking at the photos there were all these flowers and things I didn’t even notice with all the rushing about and being unduly petrified. πŸ˜€

Oh well.. So-far Mary sent me a few photos and I stole one off palacia, and after a bit of photoshopping, have started uploading photos.. This’ll be a steady drip i imagine.. Some of jan’s are supposed to be okay, but owen and tom can’t work out how to send them. So I’ll probably pop round to send them to myself. πŸ™‚

By photoshopping.. On one I removed someone from behind kat’s veil, removed a lot of heavy jpeg artifacts.. removed a lens flare from my face in one photo and sorted out some colour bleed.. hoo-yeah, and made one black and white.

This one: (well, I like it)

Those are small paper bats in my hair. πŸ™‚

Sofar in most photos either or both of us look either drunk or like zombies. Fair enough.. They’ll be appearing here for the record : Photo Gallery: Wedding Snapshots – And there’s a proper page putting all the best images together in the works (need more photos first!).. The gallery lets you comment on the page too.. Cool eh? Well, i thought so.

Blahdy blah. ^^ ooh, and the deer were out in force much of the day (though they didn’t move much while i was watching them, hehe.. Then again I wasn’t expecting them to put on a song and dance routine.. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if they HAD done though) And err.. What else.. I need to comment on the mental-ness of the fireworks again. That was a lot of fireworks.

I kinda wish I had been numerous recording robots simultaneously attending the wedding, plus myself.. Because it was stuff overload.. In a good way.. But I think Kat and I should go back to ripley and just ponce around in the grounds, because it was really nice and it has significance now.. We didn’t have much time for poncing.. more rushing around. πŸ™‚ Which will pay off when it comes to photo-time..

This journal is probably irritating, but i never forced anyone to subscribe. πŸ™‚