So when it says..

‘Professional Dry Clean’ – it doesn’t mean ‘dunk in a bath of water’

Molly decided one of my best coats (which i stupidly left out – my fault, although i was drunk at the time so had no idea it was there anymore, lol) would be a good toilet..

HMMM.. I think she got the message this time, she looked pretty guilty.. That’s the first time I’ve had to properly shout at her, hehe. She’ll get the idea in the end, and when she can go outside that’ll help too.

This is a floor length black hooded thick velvet coat.. add water and it just drips black.. the bath turned black in seconds.. it wasnt pretty.. i have grey hands.. At least it doesn’t smell of cat pee.


Anyway. 🙂 Because Kat’s mac’s been swept away for repairs.. I get my second monitor back. ^^ Ahh, how I missed it.. Actually I’d forgotten it wasnt there really.. but it is a handy thing. And I get Kat back too to some degree. 🙂 I wuv that lil ibook too though so can completely understand, hehe..

I’m gonna do some Y! updating, hmm. 🙂