Leave the comp for a bit.. domain goes down..

domain comes back again (phew)

leave it a little longer, have a look around.. ENTIRE SQL DATABASE BROKEN..

UHOH.. That’s no less than my oekaki, the forum I spent a good few days setting up, and a few other things.. Things which are a huge faff to fix if I have to do it..

Im really hoping there’s no permanent unfixable damage.. praying really.. That would suck so much.. >.< Sorted out Sarah's ADSL connection though, that was cool.. Have been making a huge amazon list too, which is fun.. but .. SQL BROKEN!!?? Did anyone witness it breaking? or has it been broken since mixelmagic came back online? I'm hoping its just taking its time to work itself out.. and have got a support ticket.. *waits patiently* URGH.