– Dawn of the dead remake.. Could be okay.. But.. Those are some fast moving zombies.. Funny how 28 days later can rip off the Living dead trilogy but add fast ‘zombies’ to the mix, then when someone decides to ‘re-imagine’ Dawn, they use the 28 days take.. Hmm. 🙂 Not v excited about that..

This I am excited about though.. – Alien – Directors cut.. 24 years late, but it’s a good idea. Some of the extra scenes are really good (they’re already on the non-directors cut DVD, they’re just unscored and as an extra)

Watched Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend yesterday.. Which is odd, because I could’ve sworn I’d seen it before, but I obviously HADN’T because I’d have remembered that, lol. I actually think the first one’s very good, although most the characters are v annoying.. The second on the other hand (legend of the demon womb) sucked quite a lot.. The dubbing in both was awful though.. 🙂

I’m still waiting for the hosting stuff to activate before i move everything across.. We let molly out again today, she came back covered in cobwebs and with a big bushy tail.. Then she caught a bluebottle mid flight in her mouth.. opened her mouth, it was still buzzing around.. so she caught it again and ate it.. Yummy.

Not very interesting i realise.. and jeez i’m tired.. >.<