We let Molly out today.. She had fun exploring, but got shocked back by something. She wasn’t so mad with the exploration this time fortunatly.. we’ll be able to let her roam freely from now on.. Although we still need to put the cat flap in..

I’m switching to another web host.. Advancedminds are pissing me off. A LOT.. This will move my number of domains up to 5, lol.. oh well. I’ve had a ticket open since the NINTH about the SQL problem.. No reply.. And they didn’t even see any necessity to explain why they vanished completely for 3 days.. And they’re overpriced… I’ve gone on about this before.. I’m already signed up for a year’s membership though, so that’s why I’ll have to get yet another domain.. Oh well..

So, yes.. Soon the SQL stuff (forum, Oekaki, will be working again) other things Im doing.. rewriting CV.. (why is it this difficult? hehe, it’s not as if I have much to put on it) Annd.. Sometime before Xmas i really need a job.. So that’s my new main mission.. I’m still working portfolio and stuff but I need a stable income too, so I’ll be self employed and employed at the same time.. if the business takes off then I ditch the job.. Which i don’t have yet anyway..

I go eat quavers..