What a stupid day!

First I went to the dietician.. Which was ok.. in the wating room they surrounded me with wheelchair bound old people, which was a bit creepy.. But there was a trainee dietician and it was kind of fun.. She did point out i don’t eat enough, and that might be why i sleep, but she doesn’t want to get my weight up and just wants to introduce more blance and vitamins etc. So I’ll have weird food drinks soon.. yummy.

Then I went to the One, to pick up benefit forms.. IF only it was that simple! Income support is for a household income, so if I ge it, it has to be increased to cover Kat – who wouldnt be allowed to work over 24hrs a week.. She can’t be on jobseekers while im on income support either.. I’m going to make a probably vein attempt at getting low band Dsability Living Allowance though.. The person I 1st saw there was initially v patronising in a ‘you’re all stupid’ kind of way, then changed her tone when i was obviously intelligent, and if anything got slightly confrontational.. Then when I mentioned I CAN apply for income support because of disability, she changed it again to a kind of pitying tone.. The guy i saw after her was great though, but she was just annoying!

Then I get back and get a phone call from a rightfully worried Sarah (my bro and I have been sorting out her new computer the last couple of days) – worried because Kate, the person who gave her the comp in the first place was effectively questioning my knowhow and seemingly assuming i dont know what I’m doing.. When she had given it to her with a lockout Admin password which she didn’t know.. Checking I’d installed office, all the updates, and virus protection etc.. which i had.. And said windows XP isn’t suitable for that comp because it’s too slow.. HELLO? You can BUY new machines slower than that running XP as default.. I run XP fine on my mac emulated, and fine on a 341mhz K6-2 downstairs FLAWLESSLY..

this is an Athlon 700mhz with 256mb ram we’re talking about!! She was assuming Sarah would get Trevor to fix up the comp and that he’d be able to hack around the password problem with a floppy.. Errr.. Eh? Alternatively she could have NOT passworded it in the first place.. ! So yes, we did delete all the software on it to put XP there.. But we put it back, unless she had installed any ‘surprises’.. And yes I’ve made lots of pcs.. And work as call out support for all my friends.. and Win2k isn’t as good as XP, or as suitable for a home setup. Basically I take pride in what I do when it comes to this stuff, and even slightly challenging my competence sucks.. David does this for a living too, and he’s always my backup in times of need. (like when the cd drive isn’t working through none of my doing) Grrbbl..

Anyway yes..

I’m still working on portfolio and portfolio site.. income support is a nono really, DLA is a possibility.. Jobseekers is a nono and temping is a possibility.. income support would have been handy because it would’ve given me an easy way to get rid of my little bit of debt and let me not worry about jobs for a few months at least.. things are okie though and will be later too. 🙂