I’ve neglected LJ for too long.

Elizabeth has been writing songs!

“Round the garden bubble pop/*clap* pop/*clap* pop/*clap* hat – window – door … yaaaayyyyy!!” – shes been singing this for a couple of weeks now.

And more disturbing.. “Row row row the boat gently down the stream…. Rock rock rock the boat.. AARRRGGHHH!”

Obviously i need to film or sample these. She’s been doing all sorts of stuff which always seems amazing at the time but probably isn’t that unusual; she has to learn things at some point.

So she’s ahead of the curve with speech and numeracy, but hasn’t taken her first unaided steps yet. She crawls around quickly enough and enjoys nursery now. She’s totally fine with the other toddlers now too which took her a while.

Cats scared her for about a week, which was inconvenient considering we have three of them and they all seem to like her.