Mysterious, brilliant exchange student with a shady past.

Comics: 81
Recent Appearance: 187 Blood Halo
First Appearance: 04 Somebody Shoot Me

Age: 18 Height: 5’5” Eyes: Green Sign: Libra

“I left my country to get away from all this weirdness!”

Anna’s difficulties at home made her a pretty good candidate for her school’s overseas placement program. She pulled strings and made it happen against the wishes of her family. From a privileged background, her education has been extensive. Privately tutored in classical music, art, dance and various languages, she’s multi-lingual, creative and one of her school’s greatest achievers.

Anna has a shady past and unusual relationship with her family and their staff. She wants nothing more than to distance herself from them and their activities.

Family: Originally Anna said her parents died it a series of accidents ([[CMO4]]). It seems she was lying, and recent events suggest they want her back home. ([[CMO72]] & [[CMO74]]) She considers [[Gogo]] family as he’s always been by her side. ([[CMO67]])

Friends: Anna has quickly forged friendships with [[Francis]] and [[Sid]]. She is particularly close to Francis, inviting him to stay at her house and talking all night. ([[CMO67]])


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