Comics: 31
Recent Appearance: 146 Oh God
First Appearance: 08 Clarity

Age: 15 Billion Height: ~1′ Eyes: Beady Sign: N/A

“Say hello to your supreme ruler!”

His exact origin is currently unknown, and everything he says may be a load of rubbish. He claims to be a god. When pink fire-breathing dinosaurs start telling you things, you don’t question it. His affection and loyalty towards Anna is obvious, and he sticks by her side through thick and thin.

He has a history with Anna’s family and Dr Lexima. Anna has been his best friend her entire life.

Family: Unknown. [[Anna]] has been his only family for 18 years. [[CMO67]]

Friends: Though he likes to think he’s above such things, he’s become friends with the whole gang. He’s infatuated with [[Sophie]], and thinks [[Ellie]] is sweet. [[CMO21]] She reminds him of Anna as a child.


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