I’m excited to announce Creeping Me Out Delusions #1, a collected, enhanced take on pages 1-50 of Creeping Me Out is now available from my store at Artithmeric!

Years after the events of the webcomic, Francis visits the campus shrink to try and confront the strange events of his last year in high school. Can he explain everything that happened once Annabel entered his life? The supernatural events of that final term changed everything, but is it truly all behind them?

This framing narrative will act as a springboard for a new era of CMO, while Francis and the crew deal with college, jobs, and the usual weird nonsense.. Eventually.

Specs: 36 pages (40 including the cover..) Full colour. Staple bound. Standard US comic size..

CMO spec: Polished dialogue, remastered art, new panels and entire new pages in certain places. Structurally – a true recreation, this is not a reboot or reimagining, but an act of “finishing” and preservation. So there may be some wonky stuff in there, but it’s trying it’s best!

As for the future of CMO, two more issues of Delusions will follow, then a hardback compendium of all three. (I feel it’s important to be open about that as I wouldn’t want to spring it on anyone who’d rather wait!) Otherwise there’s quite a lot in the works, some game projects, a lot of prints and merchandise I’ll have up shortly (not all CMO related) – I’ll leave those details for another post.

You might’ve noticed a slight site redesign.. I ditched the multi column look as it didn’t play nicely at all with smaller/mobile screens. It still needs a little TLC, but it’s an improvement.

If you’d like to support me and these projects I have a Patreon I’m slowly getting my head around.. COVID-19 quarantine and other stuff has generally slowed me down, but I’m working on creative projects whenever I can and any support is hugely appreciated! You can also come and chat/ask questions on my Discord, where I post work in progress and have rooms for CMO, art, game dev etc!

I hope you’re all keeping well, and see you soon!