*Phantasm music plays in distance* WIP idle anim. Ty @wantsamancave for the idea. (Breathing didn’t work out!) This is NOT what these balls are for at all. I animated a ridiculous thing tonight but don’t want to spoil it until people get to play the demo. 😅 #amiga #gamedev

Baby bugs! The seek state, which is usually pretty avoidable, the latched on and really irritating (they don’t continue to hurt you if you don’t move, they’re supposed to be more of an irritation/problem if you get swarmed) state and the dying/dead state. 🐜 #amiga #gamedev

This game is getting increasingly buggy. 🐜 #amiga #gamedev #wip This is still “020 + 2MB fast ram” I have to throw a crazy amount of critters at it for it to slow down at all. 😮

Live now.. going to be making some creatures for my Amiga game in pixaki for the iPad. Might try implementing towards end of stream too. 🙂 twitch.tv/mixelslab

Cast reunion.. Open for full effect. 😅 #pixelart #gamedev #amiga #pixaki

test Twitter Media - Cast reunion..

Open for full effect. 😅

#pixelart #gamedev #amiga #pixaki https://t.co/uwgfQaQ2fp