Never want to paint floorboards again. 😆 I hope this coat number 5 (it’s a long story, but it involves a discontinued paint colour I had to switch from and totally cover again, argh) is the final one. May sleep in living room to escape the blergh air upstairs.

Have established with certainty that a lot of my horrible coughing lung fluid/ugh is *definitely* paint fume related so I’m fast-tracking the last decorating jobs to get it out of the way. ☹️ CMOdev to be silent running until ~xmas too so streams would likely be something else?

This is coming along well.. 😁 Now with irritating robots! #amiga #scorpionengine #gamedev #indiedev #pixelart Slightly janky capture, it’s smoother in reality. Mild spoilers if you don’t want to see this random unfinished level for an Amiga game you’ll probably never play? 😅

Noticing different demographics beginning to move to entirely different social networks is pretty perculiar and a bit scary when you don’t really fit in a single box. Are we going to need some sort of Odigo / Proteus / Trillian type thing to aggregate our own damn socials. 😅