Genius geek with a heart of gold and a chip on his shoulder. Francis' best friend. MORE INFO...

Comics: 86
Recent Appearance: 182 Node Deactivated
First Appearance: 03 Back To School

Age: 17 Height: 5’6” Eyes: Unknown Sign: Capricorn Debut: CMO3

“I can fix everything except MY LIFE.”

Offered positions in schools for gifted pupils, Sid rejected them to stay with friends, notably Francis. Always one step ahead of the game, but can seem a little out of touch with reality. Scruffy (but consistent) in appearance, people tend to give Sid a lot of space for seeming a little bit creepy.

His sense of humour is dark and obscure but he’s very loyal and supportive of the people he cares about, verging on being selfless.


Family: Sid’s father is a successful businessman. His mother is an air hostess. He has a younger sister, Ellie who he gets on well with despite her being a bit of a nuisance. Sid’s parents are unreliable in every way except financial support. They are always travelling, leaving Sid and Ellie to fend for themselves.

Friends: Francis has been Sid’s best friend since early childhood. Sid’s easy-going nature means he tends to get on well with everyone when they’ll give him the time. Sophie and Sid have been vague friends since childhood.