Life imitating art a bit here. I don’t see how I’m ever going to top this. 🙂

I’m lucky to be able to update at all tonight. I only woke up because Elizabeth had a nightmare about bees and was really upset! Aww. I’m glad I woke up anyway, it was already a day late.. Two if you’re being super-pedantic and using my time zone.

This is going to sound pretty clumsy but on May 10th, as many of you are no doubt aware Frank Frazetta died. One of the most successful, inspirational and influential of fantasy artists. His work, among a few others (Royo, Giger) has been something I really remember fondly from my childhood. Work like his made wanting to create the things I like creating seem legitimate and exciting. If it wasn’t for the old guard of fantasy artists, a few creative family members and their friends. I’d probably not be drawing at all. For what it’s worth, this update is dedicated in his memory. I hope he knew how treasured his work was to so many people.