Creeping Me out is all about Francis, a troubled but energetic teenager, once Anna, a mysterious, well-to-do foreign exchange student new to a “normal” life at high school transfers there. The plot centers on their friends and families as they struggle to deal with the zombies, misplaced dinosaurs, aliens, giant robots, inter-dimensional parasites and other assorted downers that seem to follow Anna around.

Technical & Notes

Creeping Me Out (CMO) is a character driven, sci-fi/horror/comedy/romance comic with a changeable, sometimes experimental, largely digital art style. Over the years I’ve used Photoshop, Artrage, Sketchbook Pro, Anime Studio, Manga Studio, and most recently something known as “pencils”.

Much of the humour is incidental, subtle, farcical, obscure.. CMO isn’t a gag-a-page comic.

CMOs story-arcs can be difficult to follow. Multiple threads and a large cast make working out what’s actually happening quite difficult. Use the “related” strips links for leads, or discuss in the comments.

The Author

Michael “Mixel” Dawes is a Leeds, England based artist and independent game designer. You can see more of my work, and contact me via my portfolio site:

In the left-side column of CMO’s layout you can see what I’ve been doing around the web via my Lifestream too. Add me!