[singlepic id=102 w=300 h=300 float=left] I’ve been redecorating! CMO’s also started advertising a little and using the various top-lists better. I haven’t decided on exactly which ones to use yet, but it’s nice to see the extra traffic. If any of the font formatting or menus or anything are borked please comment! If you want to see my personal blog, with occasional art/sketch uploads, many CMO related.. Follow my Tumblr. If you’re more Facebook inclined I’ll also upload concept art there, but only for fans of the CMO page.

Talking head updates aren’t much fun really are they? Sorry! It made sense to update with these 4 panel ones over two weeks rather than having a “full page” like i usually might. It’s best to be regular I think. Its nice to get across how nuts/serious Lexima can be though. Here’s an alternate ending.