AHA! This one has been 95% done for months. But.. Here it is! Exactly 10 years after the first page. Funny how it’s taken a decade to move forward a few days in CMO-time.

Look over there on the right! I have another page queued for next Saturday too. HOW CAN THIS BE?!

Happy birthday CMO!

Wow, 10 years!? what the hell happened to all the time? Well, a lot has happened and I thought this would be a great time to update and get my thoughts down on CMO, past, present and future.

In the beginning CMO was supposed to be a simple thing i could churn out updates for with little thought for plotting or even making the pages look particularly good. You can see from the early 3 panel strips i was going for something more traditional joke web-comic styled. Occasionally i’d still toy with that in the non-canon pages, but really; as soon as I introduced Annabel her story spiralled out of control.  Now it’s a very strange beast.

What would i have done differently? Well, other than keep to regular updates, it’s impossible to look back on 10 year old work and not think of ways you’d have done it differently. I’ve changed a lot over the years. I have a kid, am married, have slightly different views on the world. It’s difficult to motivate yourself when the body of work feels like it could be totally different to reflect my personality and skill set as it is now. I can’t go all  George Lucas on it (though i did redo a few early pages), and some people like those early, shaky pages, so it can only be considered a learning experience and a prolonged experiment.

Where am I headed with all this? Well – CMO is still active, but more like a glacier than a river. I’m still working on it on and off and I aim to one day settle on an update system that fits around everything else.

Around the site a lot is in the process of changing. The archive system is wonky, the header is broken, but it’s all a work in progress after a (somewhat accidental!) software update changed how everything works on the server, but also added a load of cool new features. Soon you’ll be able to track characters, locations and story threads quite easily, which – given the long term story – is probably going to be handy!